SCA Heavy Combat - Weaponry


Participants may choose a wide range of weapons, the striking surfaces of which are made of rattan, and may use leather, foam, and duct tape in their construction. Non-striking surfaces (such as quillons and basket hilts) may be made of other material. Some commonly used weapons are swords, maces, spears, greatswords, glaives, pollaxes, mauls and axes.

Different weapon choices require different skills and strategies. Most SCA fighters use a one-handed weapon in combination with a shield of some kind. With centuries of historical examples to draw upon, shields may range from large rectangular Roman-style scuta to small bucklers, with common styles including the kite, center-grip (round or oval), and heater. Other fighters use a weapon in each hand, a two-handed weapon (such as a great sword), a polearm or a spear.

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