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Dwarven Deities

Collectively, the dwarven deities (except Deep Duerra and Laduguer) are known as the Morndinsamman.

  • Abbathor (I): God of greed
  • Berronar Truesilver (I): Goddess of safety, honesty, home, healing, the dwarven family, records, marriage, faithfulness, loyalty, oaths
  • Clanggedin Silverbeard (I): God of battle, war, valor, bravery, honor in battle
  • Deep Duerra (D): Goddess of duergar, psionics, conquest, expansion. (now a dead power)
  • Dugmaren Brightmantle (L): God of scholarship, invention, discovery
  • Dumathoin (I): "Keeper of the Secrets Under the Mountains" God of buried wealth, ores, gems, mining, exploration, shield dwarves, guardian of the dead
  • Gorm Gulthyn (L): God of guardian of all dwarves, defense, watchfulness. (now a dead power)
  • Haela Brightaxe (D): Goddess of luck in battle, joy of battle, dwarven fighters. (now a dead power)
  • Laduguer (I): God of duergar, magic weapon creation, artisans, magic. (now a dead power)
  • Marthammor Duin (L): God of guides, explorers, expatriates, travelers, lightning
  • Moradin (G): God of dwarves, creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft, stonework
  • Sharindlar (I): Goddess of healing, mercy, romantic love, fertility, dancing, courtship, the moon
  • Thard Harr (L): God of wild dwarves, jungle survival, hunting
  • Vergadain (I): God of wealth, luck, chance, nonevil thieves, suspicion, trickery, negotiation, sly cleverness

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