• (noun): Herbivorous or carnivorous dinosaur having a three-pronged pelvis like that of a crocodile.
    Synonyms: saurischian dinosaur

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Herrerasaurus - Classification
... In this review, Herrerasaurus is a primitive saurischian, but not a theropod ... have found them to be basal theropods, though they may in fact represent basal saurischians or even be non-dinosaurian, predating the saurischian-ornithischian split ... found them to be basal to the clade Eusaurischia, that is, closer to the base of the saurischian tree than either true theropods or sauropodomorphs, but not ...
... Guaibasauridae is a family of primitive saurischian dinosaurs, known from fossil remains of late Triassic period formations in Brazil (Paleorrota) and Argentina ... from better remains in 2007, it became easier to compare it to other enigmatic early saurischians, which are often difficult to classify because they combine characteristics of the two major saurischian groups ... the authors interpret this as evidence that the common ancestor of both saurischian lineages was more theropod-like than prosauropod-like ...
Evolution Of Dinosaurs - Earliest Dinosaurs
... The earliest confirmed dinosaur fossils include saurischian ('lizard-hipped') dinosaurs "Nyasasaurus" 243 Ma, Saturnalia 225-232 Ma, Herrerasaurus 220-230 Ma, Staurikosaurus ... Saturnalia may be a basal saurischian or a prosauropod ... The others are basal saurischians ...