Saturday Night Live (season 6)

Saturday Night Live (season 6)

Saturday Night Live aired its sixth season during the 1980–1981 television season on NBC. Season six started on November 15, 1980 and ended on April 11, 1981, with only 13 episodes (caused by the show being put on hiatus for retooling and a 1981 Writers Guild of America strike.) This season was alternatively known as Saturday Night Live '80.

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Saturday Night Live (season 6) - Critical Reception
... Responses to Doumanian'sSNL were disappointed and disappointing ... The Associated Press,mocking the Carters-in-the-Oval-Office sketch,wrote,"The new Saturday NightLive is essentially crude,sophomoric and most of all ... Under producer Jean Doumanian,Saturday NightLive will define risk-taking'as a little naughtier,perhaps a little raunchier it won't wander too far off the beaten path. ...

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