Saturday Night Live (season 3) - Episodes


Date Host(s) Special Guest(s) Notes
47 September 24, 1977 Steve Martin
Jackson Browne
  • First appearance of the Festrunk Brothers (a.k.a. The Wild and Crazy Guys or The Czech Brothers).
  • Franken and Davis are listed as special guests in the opening credits.
  • Jackson Browne performs "Running on Empty" and "The Pretender".
  • Dan Aykroyd makes his debut appearance as co-anchor of Weekend Update alongside Jane Curtin.
  • John Belushi performs as Roy Orbison.
  • Lorne Michaels offers the Beatles $3200 to appear on the show.
48 October 8, 1977 Madeline Kahn Taj Mahal
Barry Humphries
  • Australian comedian Barry Humphries appears as his popular character Dame Edna Everage.
  • Taj Mahal played "Queen Bee."
49 October 15, 1977 Hugh Hefner Libby Titus
Andy Kaufman
50 October 29, 1977 Charles Grodin Paul Simon
The Persuasions
  • Although Simon sang in his two prior hosting stints, this is his first time listed as the musical guest. Simon performed his then-current single "Slip Slidin' Away" and "You're Kind" (a song from Still Crazy After All These Years). Simon was accompanied on both songs by harmonica player Toots Thielemans and a backing band.
  • One sketch featured Paul Simon and Charles Grodin attempting to sing "The Sound of Silence", with Grodin wearing an Art Garfunkel wig. After several aborted starts (with Grodin singing off-key and forgetting the lyrics), Simon walked off the stage. Grodin then proceeded to sing a verse of "Bridge Over Troubled Water", after which the real Art Garfunkel walked on stage and asked Grodin to take off the wig.
  • The episode is played as if Grodin had not attended dress rehearsals and does not know the scripts. Several of the sketches break the fourth wall when Grodin addresses the cast members by their real names and players discuss the nature of the characters and situations in "Samurai Dry Cleaners", "Killer Bees Trick-or-Treat" and a skit about incompetence.
  • Roseanne Roseannadanna makes her debut in this episode's "Hire the Incompetent" sketch. This is the character's only appearance in a sketch other than Weekend Update.
51 November 12, 1977 Ray Charles
  • Appearance by comedian Franklyn Ajaye
  • Appearance by Buck Henry to announce next week's hosting slot.
  • While appearing in several skits, Charles never played any other character than "Ray Charles".
  • Instead of the normal outro theme, Ray Charles led the band into an impromptu jam to leave the show.
52 November 19, 1977 Buck Henry Leon Redbone
Franken and Davis
  • Henry uses his monologue to introduce the five finalists in the "Anyone Can Host" contest. The five finalists are then featured sporadically throughout the episode, including an appearance in a film by Gary Weis.
  • In this episode, John Belushi plays himself as a retired athlete, endorsing "Little Chocolate Donuts", a parody of Bruce Jenner's Wheaties ad. The voice over for the commercial while Belushi is running is done by sportscaster Marv Albert.
  • Al Franken and Tom Davis are listed as special guests in the opening credits.
  • A film by Tom Schiller
53 December 10, 1977 Mary Kay Place Willie Nelson
Andy Kaufman
  • Andy Kaufman makes his seventh appearance
  • Willie Nelson and Mary Kay Place sang their current duet, Something to Brag About
  • Don Pardo mentions during the closing credits that the Sex Pistols would be the musical guest for the following episode. However, they were unable to obtain passports, and so Elvis Costello and the Attractions performed as a last-minute replacement.
54 December 17, 1977 Miskel Spillman Elvis Costello
Franken and Davis
Michael O'Donoghue
  • Miskel Spillman was the winner of SNL's "Anyone Can Host" contest, and is the only non-celebrity to host the show.
  • Buck Henry serves as a surrogate to Miskel Spillman in many instances throughout the episode.
  • Elvis Costello performed "Watching the Detectives" and was scheduled to perform "Less Than Zero", but halted his band the Attractions seven seconds into the song, launching into "Radio Radio", an as-yet unreleased song critical of mainstream broadcasting. He did not appear on the show again until the 1989 episode hosted by Mary Tyler Moore.
  • Franken and Davis, and Michael O'Donoghue ("Mr. Mike") are listed as special guests in the opening credits.
  • The elderly couple that appeared in the "Franken & Davis Show" sketch really were Al Franken's parents, Joseph and Phoebe Franken.
  • John Belushi is told in the opening skit that he would be lucky to get around at 80 years of age like the host. He replied, "I plan on being dead by 30."
55 January 21, 1978 Steve Martin Randy Newman
The Dirt Band

There was a huge snowstorm the day before the show and the cast was unable to rehearse at all. They reference the snowstorm during the cold open and Steve Martin references that they couldn't rehearse during his monologue.

  • Members of The Dirt Band perform backing vocals during Randy Newman's performance of "Short People."
56 January 28, 1978 Robert Klein Bonnie Raitt
  • The cold open features Paul Shaffer as Don Kirshner and Mr. Mike.
  • Shaffer also appears as Nick the Lounge Singer's pianist.
  • First appearance of the Olympia Cafe
  • Bill Murray's "Nick Winters" lounge singer performs "Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars..."
  • First appearance of the Nerds
  • Because of the recent crash of the highly radioactive Soviet spy satellite Cosmos 954 in northern Canada this episode makes continuing reference to giant mutant lobsters reportedly heading for NYC, climaxing with them invading the studio during the show's ending credits.
  • Klein joins Bonnie Raitt on harmonica on the song, "Give It Up or Let Me Go".
57 February 18, 1978 Chevy Chase Billy Joel
  • Chase is the first former cast member to host.
  • Opening credits are reverted to those of season 1 and 2 for this episode only.
  • Chevy Chase appears on Weekend Update, as "senior anchorperson".
58 February 25, 1978 O. J. Simpson Ashford and Simpson
  • Every cast member, as well as Don Novello and O.J. Simpson, are featured in Samurai Night Fever, a parody of Saturday Night Fever. John Belushi dances to The Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive.
  • Simpson was the only former guest host not to be invited to the 25th anniversary special in 1999, mostly due to his highly publicized murder trial.
  • Simpson is also the second football player to host SNL (after Fran Tarkenton) and the first black athlete to host.
  • Franken and Davis are listed as special guests in the opening credits.
59 March 11, 1978 Art Garfunkel Stephen Bishop
Andy Kaufman
  • This episode features the short film, Don't Look Back in Anger, in which an aged John Belushi visits the graves of the "Not Ready for Primetime Players" cast and claims that he's the last living member. Ironically, Belushi would be the first SNL cast member to die four years later. Belushi first visits Gilda Radner's grave. Radner was the second cast member to die, seven years after John Belushi.
  • Andy Kaufman makes his eighth appearance.
60 March 18, 1978 Jill Clayburgh Eddie Money
61 March 25, 1978 Christopher Lee Meat Loaf
  • In the opening sketch, Belushi is going to replace Dan Haggerty as "Grizzly Adams", and have his name changed to "Kevin Scott". In the following show's opening credits, Belushi's introduction is moved to last, in alphabetical order (after Gilda Radner) as "Kevin Scott".
  • On Weekend Update:
    • The Writers Guild strike against Sesame Street: "picket" "scab" "don't, it might get infected"
    • The first appearance of "Point/Counterpoint" "Jane, you ignorant slut!"
  • A Gary Weis short film, titled “Cold as Ice”, features an uncredited Stacy Keach being repeatedly stabbed with scissors and a gun and eventually shot with a shotgun, all in slow-motion, by a unnamed blonde to the tune of the Foreigner song of the same name.
  • Richard Belzer makes a stand-up appearance, including Muzak versions of Rolling Stones hits; he does an impersonation of Mick Jagger, with the SNL band as backup.
62 April 8, 1978 Michael Palin Eugene Record
  • In the opening monologue, Michael Palin plays his manager, who ends up stuffing live cats down his trousers; one of the cats defecates freely all over his arm. Palin, with only a one-minute costume change afterward, has to perform the RC Priest and Very Famous Man (Trunk Escape) sketches with feces still on his clothes.
63 April 15, 1978 Michael Sarrazin Keith Jarrett
Gravity with Howard Johnson
  • A short black & white film "La Dolce Gilda"
  • Howard Johnson was at the time a tuba player for SNL.
64 April 22, 1978 Steve Martin The Blues Brothers
  • This episode was nominated for an Emmy
  • The cold opening features Paul Shaffer as Don Kirshner, introducing The Blues Brothers singing "Hey Bartender"
  • The third appearance of the Czech brothers
  • "Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber"
  • Martin and Radner dance sketch
  • Martin performs "King Tut"
  • A Gary Weis film with ballet dancers and breakdancers
  • Nerds at the Science Fair
  • Blues Brothers sing "I Don't Know"
  • This episode was selected as TV Guide's #12 Top Episode of all time.
65 May 13, 1978 Richard Dreyfuss Jimmy Buffett
Gary Tigerman
Father Guido Sarducci
  • First appearance of Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello). Sarducci is listed as a special guest in the opening credits.
  • Paul Shaffer makes two appearances in this episode:
    • As lounge singer Nick Winter's piano player
    • Richard sings "Seduced" by Gary Tigerman sitting on a piano played by Paul.
  • Twice in the episode, Richard hears the Jaws theme. During the closing credits, Richard is attacked by the Land Shark.
66 May 20, 1978 Buck Henry Sun Ra
  • Franken and Davis, and Michael O'Donoghue ("Mr. Mike") are listed as special guests in the opening credits.

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