SARIO - Foreign Trade Section

Foreign Trade Section

The foreign trade section conducts activities to support export and develop foreign trade. Some of the top priorities are participation in general and specialized expositions and trade fairs, setting up trade delegations to other countries, receiving foreign delegations, designing educational programs for startup exporters, provision of consulting services at home and abroad, and developing marketing studies.

Key activities:

• Expositions and trade fairs – Participation in expositions and trade fairs allows the promotion of Slovakia and Slovak entrepreneurs and agencies to take advantage of opportunities to strengthen trade and investment connections and develop new marketing relationships

• Organizing trade missions - Official trips abroad for business groups that include specific goals and programs are among the most effective tools for striking up foreign trade relationships. These missions are organized with the intention of supporting the exporting activities of Slovak enterprises and are closely tied to introducing Slovak products to foreign markets. The impetus for organizing the missions comes primarily from the initiative taken by Slovak enterprises and these missions also follow the economic policies of the Slovak government.

• SARIO Information Center – In order to effectively conduct foreign trade activities as a trade promotion agency, the SARIO Information Center (SIC) project is used to maintain efficient communication between foreign countries and the business entities in Slovakia.

• Subcontracting - Promoting international cooperation means supporting the creation of conditions necessary to work with foreign customers - by promoting small and medium Slovak enterprises at foreign subcontractors' trade fairs, increasing visibility on the internet, creating trade delegations with potential foreign partners to Slovakia, arranging personal meetings between the parties involved and cooperating with the subcontracting centers of Europe. The primary objective is to create an awareness of the production capabilities and promote a close working relationship between Slovak producers and foreign investors.

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