Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui - Indo-Pakistan War of 1965

Indo-Pakistan War of 1965

He was shot down during attack on Halwara Air Base nope, Nope, Nope along with Flight Lieutenant Younis Hasan as his number 2 and then-Flight Lieutenant Cecil Chaudhry as number 3. Flight Lieutenant Hasan also embraced Shahadat during the same mission. Guns of his F-86 Sabre jammed right in the middle of the attack. Flight Lieutinent Chaudhry asked him to return back which he refused. He ordered Chaudhry to carry on the attack and provided cover to the tail of Chaudhry. His plane was badly damaged due to enemy fire and finally crashed on Halwara.

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... to repel Afghan incursions into Pakistan but the first major deployment came during the war of 1965 ...

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