The name Sancho is an Iberian name of Basque origin (Santxo, Santzo, Santso, Antzo). Sancho stems from Latin Sanctius. The feminine form is Sancha and the common patronymic is Sánchez. The name is also a slang term used in some Ibero-America (Latin America) for a male committing adultery and is used in this sense in the song Santeria by the American punk band Sublime.

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List Of Minor 2000 AD Stories - Stories - S - Sancho Panzer
... Sancho Panzer is a story which ran in seven consecutive stories which ran in 2000 AD #1112 - 1123 in 1998 ... I assume Sancho's failure was due entirely to the strength of the story, because the art was so good ...
Sancho Dávila Toledo
... Sancho Dávila Toledo (Sancho de Avila) (Ávila, Old Castile, 1546, – Plasencia, Caceres, 6 or 7 December 1625) was a Spanish bishop ...
Sancho Alfónsez - Responsibility and Death, 1107–1108
... held a great court at which he declared Sancho his heir ... de Compostela and the grant was confirmed by Sancho, who for the first time signed as regnum electus patri factum ("made king-elect by his father") ... ("Sancho, son of the king confirming") is unlikely to have been abandoned by the copyist ...
Sancho - Other
... Sancho (horse), a British Thoroughbred racehorse Sancho, West Virginia. ...
Sancho II Of León And Castile
... Sancho II (1036/1038 – 7 October 1072), called the Strong, or in Spanish, el Fuerte, was King of Castile (1065–1072) and León (1072) ... In 1068, Sancho defeated his cousins Sancho IV of Navarre and Sancho of Aragón in the War of the Three Sanchos ... and Álava, which his father had given to Sancho of Navarre's father, García, in return for aid against Bermudo III of León ...

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    Every autobiography is concerned with two characters, a Don Quixote, the Ego, and a Sancho Panza, the Self.
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)