Samsung Global Scholarship Program

Samsung Global Scholarship Program (in short: Samsung GSP or GSP) is a talent program of the Korea-based Samsung conglomerate's flagship subsidiary, Samsung Electronics (SEC). Focusing on the goal of having talented personnel with strong business skills, leadership potential and career aspirations, Samsung Electronics recognized the compelling need for high-quality leaders, hence the Global Scholarship Program was created to nurture a very selectively compiled group of individuals, who later in the long run might become leaders ("Future Global Leaders") of the various Samsung Electronics subsidiaries around the world, replacing the current Korean-national management layer (what is presently the usual practice at the chaebol).

Divided into two paths, both programs originally selected participants who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential and provides them with unique opportunities for further professional development. Starting from 2011, GSP-SKK instead contains employees working in the subsidiaries. The program also provides young leaders with a unique international network through which they can share ideas, learn from established leaders, work collaboratively and address global challenges. By exposing participants to the complex issues and opportunities arising from an increasingly interdependent global economy, the program aims to expand perspectives and enhance skills critical for leadership in a changing world.

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