Salad (disambiguation)

Salad (disambiguation)

Salad is a type of food dish.

Salad or salads may also refer to:

  • Salad (band), a Dutch-British pop band
  • The Salads, a Canadian rock band
  • Salad grind, a skateboarding trick
  • Salad Fingers, a Flash cartoon by David Firth
  • SALADs (Sound-Alike Look-Alike Drugs)-A term used in medical settings to warn of drugs that could be easily confused for one another

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Famous quotes containing the word salad:

    Whoever eats anything at a wedding luncheon? They make the food out of papier mâché. My salad had been used four or five times this week.
    Peter Ruric, and Edgar G. Ulmer. Edgar G. Ulmer. Peter Alison (David Manners)