Sailer may refer to:

  • Johann Michael Sailer (1751 – 1832), German Jesuit professor of theology and Bishop of Ratisbon
  • Sebastian Sailer (1714 – 1777), German Premonstratensian Baroque preacher and writer
  • Steve Sailer (born 1958), reporter, movie critic for Taki's Magazine and formerly The American Conservative, ex-correspondent for UPI, and columnist
  • Toni Sailer (1935-2009), Austrian skier
  • Verena Sailer (born 1985), German athlete
  • Day sailer, a small sailboat
  • Any sailboat
  • Sailer (ski manufacturer), pioneer of fibre-glass skis
  • Sailer butterflies: the butterfly genera Neptis (typical sailers) and Pseudoneptis (blue sailers), both in the Limenitidinae subfamily
  • Günther Sailer (born 1971) Architect - Designer

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