Sacrifice (2008) - Event - Preliminary Matches

Preliminary Matches

The first of four quarterfinal matches in the Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament opened Sacrifice. It pitted James Storm, accompanied by Jackie Moore and Sting, against Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray). The match lasted eight minutes and fifty seconds. Near the end, Team 3D set up a table in the middle of the ring. Sting then turned on Storm and lifted him off the turnbuckle and slammed him through the table. Devon covered Storm for the win, thereby advancing himself and Brother Ray in the tournament.

The second quarterfinal match, Christian Cage and Rhino against Booker T and Robert Roode, lasted seven minutes and five seconds. Rhino won the match for his team by tackling Roode. Afterwards, Booker T attacked Cage and Rhino with a steel chair.

In the third quarterfinal match, Latin American Xchange (Hernandez and Homicide; LAX), accompanied by Hector Guerrero, fought the team of Kip James and Matt Morgan. The match ended after four minutes and twenty seconds when Morgan missed a bicycle kick on Hernandez, mistakenly hitting Kip in the face. Hernandez then performed a dropkick on Morgan and followed with the cover on Kip for the win.

The last quarterfinal match featured A.J. Styles and Super Eric against Awesome Kong and B.G. James. Super Eric picked up Kong and slammed her into B.G., who was laying on the ring mat. Later, Styles attempted to perform a move by jumping off the ropes, but legitimately tripped, falling face-first on the mat. Then B.G. lifted Styles to perform a suplex, which Styles countered into a small package pin attempt, resulting in a victory at five minutes and forty five seconds.

The fifth match was the debut of the TerrorDome and involved Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Jay Lethal, Jimmy Rave, Johnny Devine, Kaz, Shark Boy, and Sonjay Dutt. Before the match, Management Director Jim Cornette announced that the winner would take Kurt Angle's place in the main event, in addition to being the TNA X Division Championship number one contender. In this match, the ring was surrounded by a giant red steel barred cage with a domed roof. The wrestlers were to compete as they climbed up the side to a hole in the center of the ceiling; the first to escape the cage would win. While Devine was attempting to escape, Kaz intervened and caused Devine to fall from the ceiling into a group of wrestlers huddled in the center of the ring. Kaz then climbed out of the hole to win the contest at ten minutes and forty five seconds.

The semifinals of the Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament followed, beginning with Team 3D pitted against Cage and Rhino in the sixth encounter. The bout lasted ten minutes. Before the contest, the TNA commentators announced that Booker T's attack on Cage and Rhino had caused them to have concussions in the storyline. During the contest, Team 3D associate Johnny Devine came to the ring and handed Ray a kendo stick without the referee's knowledge. Although Rhino tackled Devon and went for the cover, Devine entered the ring to distract the referee, allowing Ray to hit Rhino with the kendo stick and cover to win the contest for his team.

The last semifinal match between LAX, accompanied by Guerrero and Salinas, and Styles and Super Eric. During the bout, Hernandez lifted Super Eric and held him upside-down vertically for an extended period of time before slamming him back-first into the mat with a delayed vertical suplex. Later, Styles held Homicide in a small package pin attempt until Salinas distracted the referee, allowing Guerrero to enter the ring and readjust Styles and Homicide to make the pin in LAX's favor. Afterwards, the referee counted the pin, giving LAX the win at seven minutes and forty seconds, although Styles' shoulders were clearly not fully against the mat.

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