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Saber Rider
The title character in the American version of the series, Saber Rider—whose real name is never revealed—is the captain of the Ramrod Equalizer Unit. He is occasionally referred to by the nickname "Top Sword". He is a young man, yet is described as having "legendary" skills and marksmanship. Saber Rider hails from the Scottish Highlands, and is an expert with both swords and horses. He is generally depicted as being a gentleman, with a cool head for tactics and decisions. In Sei Jūshi Bismarck, the character is of British nationality. The American version retained the British Union Jack on the upper arm and the helmet of Saber Rider's uniform.
Saber Rider often rides a robotic horse named Steed, who has high–powered thrusters, and the ability to fly, run, and function in space. However, he is not capable of long–range space travel, so Steed is kept stored in Ramrod's cargo bay, during journeys. He is used mainly to travel to planets from orbit, or utilized on a planet's surface. Steed is almost sentient; he is capable of recognizing his master's voice, and working independently when Saber Rider is in danger.
Fireball, a former race car driver, was the youngest champion driver in history. He now serves as the pilot of the Ramrod Unit, and also controls the chest cannons and heavy weaponry located in Ramrod's chest region. He drives the Red Fury Racer/Turbo, a race car armed with an extensive arsenal of weapons. He has a somewhat quick temper, and at one time boasted of having a perfect memory. In the original Sei Jūshi Bismarck, Fireball is the Japanese leader of the crew. The Japanese flag is on his sleeve and his helmet.
During the course of the series, he discovers that his father was a fighter pilot who fought alongside King Jaray of the Legendary Kingdom of Jarr when the Outriders first attacked, fifteen years ago. Sacrificing himself, Fireball's father sent his ship into Nemesis's command ship, robbing Nemesis of his body and sending them both into the Outrider dimension where he is still lost to this day.
Colt is introduced in the series as a bounty hunter on the trail of Vanquo, an Outrider spy. Colt has an almost infallible accuracy with firearms, and serves as the gunner on board Ramrod. His character is depicted as somewhat of a loner, but also as an outrageous flirt; he makes flirts with nearly every woman he meets. His parents were attacked and presumably killed by Outriders just after Colt left to join a traveling rodeo. This event prompted him to become a bounty hunter.
For personal transportation and solo battles he uses a blue and white one-man spaceship he calls the Bronco Buster. In Sei Jūshi Bismarck, the character comes from the United States, therefore a US flag is seen as a patch on his uniform.
Commander Eagle
Commander Eagle is the leader of Cavalry Command, which includes all of the fleets and armies that protect the United Star Systems, including the Star Sheriffs. Eagle takes his responsibilities seriously, but underneath has a warm heart and caring nature.
April Eagle
April Eagle is the daughter of Commander Eagle. She is the engineer who designed, and was in charge of, Project Ramrod. Before joining the Star Sheriffs, she was a professional tennis player. She was trained at Cavalry Command under General Whitehawk. April has a robotic horse named Nova with the abilities of Saber Rider's Steed.
April is the subject of several romantic plot arcs. In early episodes of the series, April had an unrequited crush on Saber Rider. In later episodes, Jesse Blue had an unrequited love interest in Eagle. Finally, April and Fireball did begin a romantic relationship. Unlike most similar series, in Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs the heroine does not end up in a romantic relationship with the main hero. This is because her eventual love interest, Fireball, was the hero in the original Japanese version.
In the Japanese version, April is known as Marian Louvre and she is of French nationality, which is why her uniform bears the French tricolor.
Ramrod (voiced by Peter Cullen) was developed by April Eagle as the technological "miracle weapon" that would allow humans to oppose the Outriders. Although it can be flown by one person, the ship is designed to be operated by four people, each sitting in separate units that control specific functions: navigation (April), gunner unit (Colt), pilot (Fireball) and the commander/tactician (Saber Rider).
A highlight of every episode is Ramrod's transformation from an airborne battleship into a giant robot. When the Ramrod Equalizer Unit undergoes the "Challenge Phase" it calls out its rallying cry in a heavy Western drawl, "Head 'em up, move 'em out...power stride, and ready to ride." The Ramrod vehicle will transform into a giant robot packing an oversized six-shooter at the hip, and appears to be wearing a cowboy hat and a cape. The battle conversion to robot form is used mainly when the Star Sheriffs encounter the Outriders's form of giant robot, which is known as a Renegade or Desperado Unit. In "Maverick Quick-draw" mode, an array of assorted cannons will be deployed at Ramrod's chest, delivering the final blow to send an Outrider "Renegade Unit" back to the Vapor Zone. The Star Sheriffs sometimes refer to Ramrod's robot form as the "Big Sheriff."
Ramrod was named Bismarck in the Japanese version, hence the series' name Sei Jūshi Bismarck. The Americanized name for the battleship possibly originates from a cowboy slang referring to the person-in-charge of an outfit, the leader of the pack, or the person who gets the job done.
The Ramrod Equalizer Unit Challenge Phase is essentially the sequence in which Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs becomes similar to a "monster-fighter series"; otherwise the series' American form, is mainly Western-oriented.

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