S.A Ghafari

S.A Ghafari is an international FX and Commodity analyst of Iranian origin. He was born on 21 September 1980 in Mashhad, Iran. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, he was first introduced to TSE (Tehran Stock Exchange) in early 1998. Three years later, he became one of the only analysts of his type in Iran. S.A Ghafari then traveled to countries including Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates,and Australia, to study financial markets. In 2003 he was hired as an FX and Commodity Analyst in Beirut, Lebanon before moving to Australia to work as a financial markets expert.

He has been an active trader since 2001, and has authored several trading systems, realized forecasts, commentaries, books and articles, writing in three languages (English, Arabic and Persian).

Ghafari has trained over one hundred trading students around the world, and since 2008 he has lectured at trading conventions and workshops in the region. He has published a forecast on Oil price in early 2009 when the Oil price was far below $38 / Barrel. He predicted that oil prices will soar again to $78–$85 price range and will be settled down for a while despite the bearish outlook of the Black Gold among other Commodity Analysts.

Ghafari believes that financial markets repeat price formations from time to time, despite the markets behavior being impossible to fully predict. He thinks that DEMO Trading experience only does not help newbie traders turn into professionals, as it only simulates the mechanism of executing orders and does not provide the real emotional challenge they need to become a profitable trader. He once said that technical analysis is an easy to use and almost the only source a retail trader can trust as a market player who has no access to large-scale market data.

Ghafari emphasizes the rule of emotions and the way a real trader reacts to them hoping to use them in a right way. He has said that "only 30% to 40% of what it takes to become a profitable trader could be given by other professionals (trading strategies or systems, capital,...) and the rest only could be obtained by trader itself and it is not going to be an easy catch and takes time to be positioned in traders mind permanently". He believes that nothing prevents any trader from turning a "couple of bucks" into a million dollars, except for their own misused emotions.

In November 2010 he has lectured in Moscow as the key speaker of the 2010 World Forex Expo & Conference. He will speak at 2011 MoneyShow traders expo that will be held in Mid June 2011 in Dallas, United States.