S. John Ross

Sebastian John Ross (April 24, 1919 – August 24, 2008), known as S. John Ross ("The Silhouette Man" or "The Master of the Silhouette") was an American born Australian artist and showman, famous for his miniature silhouette portraits cut in black card. He became a well-known identity at the annual shows such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show and the Brisbane Ekka where he worked each year for about 60 years. He was regarded within his lifetime as "a legend".

He first visited Australia in 1942 as a U.S. Serviceman, and married an Australian woman, Phyllis Counsell. He eventaully moved permanently to Australia, and worked there until his death at 89. In that he time created thousands of portraits, including of many celebrities. Gnomically, he claimed that only the Taxation Office knew what the "S" in his name stood for. He was sometimes referred to as "Scissors John".

Ross Eastgate, a military historian and journalist, said of Ross that "He was not tall in stature, but he was giant in Australian entertainment."

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