Russian Music Competition

The International Russian Music Piano Competition (often referred to as The Russian Music Competition) is a piano competition established by Irina Prilipko-Morgan and her husband, Dan Morgan, in the spring of 2000. The competition is divided into four categories: Young Musicians, Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced. The final category, Advanced, is staged at Le Petit Trianon theater or another within California, alongside professional musicians and a professional orchestra.

The first final of the competition was held at the Appreciation Hall of Foothill College, Los Altos Hills in 2002. It involved 35 competitors, three jury members and a total of $500 prize for the winner. Since its inception, the competition has significantly changed; seven jury members now judge the performances, give master classes, and present lectures to young pianists during the ten-day-long competition period. The first prize winner of the Advanced category of the competition is awarded $5,000, a gold medal, a diploma, and possibly a contract with the Nova Vista Symphony concert engagements in the United States. Several smaller prizes are awarded for the prize winners of the lower categories, and special prizes are awarded where deemed necessary by the jury members.

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