Rugrats Go Wild

Rugrats Go Wild (also known as The Rugrats Meet The Wild Thornberrys) is a 2003 crossover animated film, with two animated Nickelodeon television series Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys. The film was produced by Nickelodeon Movies and Klasky Csupo and released in theaters on June 13, 2003 by Paramount Pictures.

It also makes this the Rugrats series finale, after the show ceased production. As there are currently no further Rugrats movies in production, Rugrats Go Wild stands as the third and final Rugrats film. It is the only Nickelodeon film to be a crossover. Although it is a crossover film, it is primarily a Rugrats movie as the main plot focuses on those characters, and the characters from The Wild Thornberrys are supporting characters, not counting Nigel Thornberry (voiced by Tim Curry) who is in fact a main character. Despite receiving a mixed response, it was a modest success at the box office.

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