Rudder Pedals

Some articles on rudder, rudder pedals:

USAir Flight 5050 - Accident Analysis - Rudder Trim Issue
... Analysis of the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) revealed that the rudder trim had moved to the far left limit, while the plane was parked at the gate ... NTSB could not discover what caused that rudder trim to move to that extreme limit ... That mistrim of the rudder should have been discovered when the Before Takeoff checklist was read, but the pilots failed to ensure the rudder was in the zero trim (neutral) position at that time ...
Piper PA-28 Cherokee - Design - Flight Controls
... all Cherokees use control yokes rather than sticks, together with rudder pedals ... Differential toe brakes on the rudder pedals were an optional add-on for earlier Cherokees, and became standard with later models ... Cherokees normally include a rudder trim knob, which actually controls a set of springs acting on the rudder pedals rather than an external trim tab on the rudder — in other words, the surface is trimmed by ...
Learjet 25 - Description of Systems - Flight Controls
... Primary flight control is achieved by use of dual control wheels and rudder pedals ... The rudder pedals mechanically operate the rudder for directional yaw control ... is electrically controlled via the rudder pedals ...

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    He that winna be ruled by the rudder maun be ruled by the rock.
    Scottish proverb.