Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are a series of lectures on a single topic, which have been held at the Royal Institution in London each year since 1825. The lectures present scientific subjects to a general audience, including young people, in an informative and entertaining manner. Michael Faraday initiated the first Christmas Lecture series in 1825. This came at a time when organised education for young people was scarce. Faraday presented a total of nineteen series in all.

The Christmas Lectures have continued annually since 1825, interrupted only during the Second World War. Scientists who have delivered lectures include Baroness Susan Greenfield (former Director of the Royal Institution), naturalist Sir David Attenborough, astronomer Carl Sagan, biologist Richard Dawkins and Nobel Laureate George Porter.

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Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - List of Christmas Lectures
... The following is a complete list of the Christmas Lectures as of December 2012 Year Lecturer(s) Title of series 1825 John Millington Natural Philosophy 1826 J ... Mitchell The Childhood of Animals 1912 James Dewar Christmas Lecture Epilogues 1913 Herbert Hall Turner A Voyage in Space 1914 Charles Vernon Boys Science in the Home 1915 ... and Great Discoveries 1939–1942 No lectures due to the Second World War 1943 Edward Andrade Vibrations and Waves 1944 Harold Spencer Jones Astronomy in our ...

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