Royal Doulton Figurines

This is a list of Royal Doulton figurines in descending order by HN number (named after Harry Nixon, head of the painting department).

Read more about Royal Doulton Figurines:  HN1, HN100, HN200, HN500, HN600, HN700, HN1200, HN1300, HN1400, HN1500, HN1600, HN1700, HN1800, HN1900, HN2000, HN2100, HN2200, HN2300, HN2400, HN2500, HN2600, HN2700, HN2800, HN2900, HN3000, HN3100, HN3200, HN3300, HN3400, HN3500, HN3600, HN3700, HN3800, HN3900, HN4000, HN4100, HN4200, HN4300, HN4400, HN4500, HN4600, HN4700, HN4800, HN4900, HN5000, HN5100

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