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The programme features two ragdolls, Rosie and Jim, who live in a narrowboat called the Ragdoll. In this boat they would travel along the waterways of Central England with their friend Duck and the Ragdoll's owner. The owner is convinced that Rosie and Jim are just ordinary ragdolls; however, each time the boat is moored and the owner visits the town or village, Duck gives the signal by quacking and Rosie and Jim magically come to life and secretly follow the owner, often causing mishaps and hijinks that leave the boat owner and the person or people he/she visits quite bemused. Rosie and Jim develop a special bond with each other and grow to love each other throughout the series.

The programme's popularity with children resides in the amiable joviality of the boat owner and the humour derived from Rosie and Jim's antics. Parents find the programme appealing as it allows children to see parts of Britain that they might not have a chance to in real life, thus educating, informing and entertaining the young audience.

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