Rosette Pitchers

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Nepenthes Sumatrana - Description
... A rosette pitcher (left) and a lower pitcher (right) Rosette pitchers may be ovoid throughout or narrowly ovoid in the lower half and cylindrical above ... Two fringed wings, up to 8 mm wide, run along the front of rosette pitchers ... The pitcher lid or operculum is sub-orbiculate and has no appendages ...
Nepenthes Rigidifolia - Description
... The lamina is usually spathulate-oblong, but may also be ovate in rosettes ... The apex of the lamina is usually obtuse-rounded in rosettes and obtuse-acute on leaves of the climbing stem, but may also be acuminate-acute ... Rosette and lower pitchers are broadly ovoid throughout, narrowing somewhat towards the orifice ...

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