Root Directory

In computer file systems, the root directory is the first or top-most directory in a hierarchy. It can be likened to the root of a tree — the starting point where all branches originate.

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Root Directory - VMS
... In the VMS operating system, the term "root directory" is used to refer to the directory in which all the user's files are stored, which is what Unix calls the "home directory" ... The equivalent of a MSDOS per-disk "root directory" in VMS is referred to as a "Master File Directory" and is specified as ...
FAT Filesystem And Linux - Installing Linux On and Booting It From FAT Volumes Using Umsdos
... The convention for such an installation is for the Linux root directory to be a subdirectory of the actual root directory of the DOS boot volume, e.g ... The location of the Linux root directory is supplied to the umsdos filesystem driver in the first place via an option to the loadlin command ... So, for example, for the aforegiven root directory loadlin would be invoked with a command line such as loadlin clinuxbootvmlinuz rw root=clinux ...
... In DOS, CONFIG.SYS is located in the root directory of the drive from which the system was booted ... multiple parallel sets of files can coexist in the same root directory and be selected via a boot-loader like LOADER, supplied with Multiuser DOS and DR-DOS 7.02/7.03 ... not necessarily need to reside in the root directory of the boot drive ...
... (MSDOS.SYS or IBMDOS.COM) into the root directory of the target ... and DOS' IO system, these two files must reside in the first two directory entries and be stored at the beginning of the data area under MS-DOS and PC DOS ... and can then simply copy the two system files into the root directory of the target ...
Long Filename - Compatibility Issues - Limitations
... encounter issues creating files or folders in the root directory, since FAT16 only allocates space for 512 root directory entries ... long filenames can use more than one directory entry, this problem may occur with fewer than 512 files or folders in the root directory ... or deep hierarchy of folders under the root folder of any drive ...

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