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Magnesium In Biology - Plant Physiology of Magnesium - Distributing Magnesium Ions Within The Plant
... Once in the cytoplasmic space of root cells Mg2+, along with the other cations, is probably transported radially into the stele and the vascular tissue ... From the cells surrounding the xylem the ions are released or pumped into the xylem and carried up through the plant ... Hence, uptake and release from vascular cells is probably a key part of whole plant Mg2+ homeostasis ...
Plant Senescence - Programmed Senescence - Plant Self Pruning
... The theory holds that leaves and roots are routinely pruned off during the growing season whether they are annual or perennial ... This is done mainly to mature leaves and roots and is for one of two reasons either both the leaves and roots that are pruned are no longer efficient ... reasons for plant self pruning - the plant rarely prunes young dividing meristematic cells, but if a fully grown mature cell is no longer acquiring ...

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