Romanians in Ukraine

Romanians In Ukraine

This article is about the history of Romanians in Ukraine, including those Romanians of Northern Bukovina, Zakarpattia Oblast, Budjak in Odessa Oblast but also those Romanians in the territory between the Dniester River and the Southern Bug River, who traditionally have not belonged to any Romanian statal entity (nor to Transnistria), but have been an integral part of the history of modern Ukraine, and are considered natives to the area.

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Romanians In Ukraine - Language and Demographics - Romanian Communities
... Romanians in Ukraine - Oblast level (2004) Region Population Chernivtsi Oblast 181,800 Romanian speaking population (19.78% of the region's population) out of ... was 236,700, of which 189,000 (79.8%) are Ukrainians 26,700 (11.3%) Russians 10,500 (4.4%) Romanians 3,800 (1.6%) Moldovans 1,400 (0.6%) Polish 1,300 (0.6%) Jews 2,900 (1.2%) other nationalities ... Hertsa The town has a large Romanian community ...