Romanian Local Election, 2008 - Notable Partial Election - Cluj-Napoca


On 22 December 2008 Emil Boc was sworn in as Prime Minister of Romania. He resigned from the office of Mayor of Cluj-Napoca on the 4 January 2009. The Government called for partial election in Cluj-Napoca on 15 February 2009. The three main competitors are, as of 24 January 2009, the incumbent ad interim Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Sorin Apostu (PD-L), former Cluj County Council President and current Senator Marius Nicoară (PNL), and former Cluj-Napoca Police commander, Teodor Pop-Puşcaş (PSD). The campaign will start on 31 January 2009.

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Cluj-Napoca - Footnotes
... b.^ After Transylvania united with Romania in 1918–1920, an exodus of Hungarian inhabitants occurred ... Also, the city grew and many people moved in from the surrounding area and Cluj County as a whole, populated largely by Romanians ...
Szeky Palace, Cluj-Napoca
... The Szeky Palace in Cluj-Napoca is a Gothic Revival building on the shore of Someşul Mic River ...