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Legislative Priorities

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Anti Civil Rights/Anti Law Enforcement

2012 session AB 2460. (vetoed by Governor) veto message Law Enforcement Officers may not sell off-Roster handguns – the bill would prevent law enforcement officers from selling or transferring guns they own which are not listed on the California "not-unsafe handgun" roster. The intent of the bill is to keep officers from selling popular handguns that are not on the handgun roster. Among the problems are that the bill will prevent LEO from selling any old handguns in their possession that were never on the list (i.e. classic), or handguns where the manufacturer stopped paying the bi-yearly renewal fee to keep their certified handgun on the roster.

2013 session AB 169 This bill will prevent Law Enforcement and the general public from selling guns that are no longer on the "not unsafe handgun" roster. Among the numerous issues are that even if a gun has been put on the roster after testing, if the manufacturer ceases to pay the bi-yearly renewal fee, the gun would be deemed unsafe, and impossible to sell in the state. It is possible it would lead to illegal sales as people who need money would find it impossible to sell a gun legally.

AB 760 - would impose a five cent ($0.05) tax on each bullet sold in California. Further, the bill would dedicate the revenue collected to an existing program to screen young children for mild to moderate mental illness, and intervene with strategies to address their problems. Will not stop someone from driving out of state and purchasing ammo.


AB 134 (Recycle Water Authority) – The bill authorized the Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District to sell recycled water on the open market. The revenue generated would be applied towards the costs of upgrading the facility as mandated by the State. This legislation is sponsored by the Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District.


AB 716 (Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT): Passenger Safety Program) – The bill repeals the sunset date for the authorization provided to the Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT) and the Fresno Area Express (FAX) to implement additional transit security measures to curb passenger misconduct and reduce nuisance behavior in specified transit facilities. This bill also provides the same authority to the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) on a 3 year pilot- program basis.


AB 965 (California Community Colleges: full-time faculty hiring) – This bill would allows a percentage of enrollment growth funding to be used for full-time faculty hiring.

AB 1262 (Teachers: right to re-appointment) – The bill holds charter schools accountable to the same standards as public schools by including charter schools within identification of Persistently Low Performing Schools. The bill would also require a report due on or before July 1, 2016, by the non-partisan Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) on the effectiveness of charter schools compared to public schools. This legislation is sponsored by the California Teachers Association (CTA).


AB 526 (Gang and Youth Violence Reduction and Prevention Programs) – The bill requires that gang and youth violence reduction and prevention programs implement evidence-based practices.

AB 823 (Children's Cabinet of California) – The bill establishes the Children’s Cabinet of California, which would be co-chaired by the Health and Human Services Agency Secretary and the Superintendent of Public Instruction and would include the heads of agencies and departments that provide services for children. The Cabinet would serve as an advisory board to the Governor and the Legislature on ways to improve cross-agency coordination and the efficient delivery of services to children and their families.

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