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The Robotech chronology, according to Harmony Gold, is illustrated below:

Year Generation / Saga (release date)
1999 (2009) – 2014 (1) Robotech: The Macross Saga (1985)
2022 Robotech II: The Sentinels * (1987)
2027 Robotech: The Movie * (1986)
2029–2030 (2) Robotech: The Masters (1985)
2031 (2042) – 2044 (3) Robotech: The New Generation (1985)
2044– Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006)

Note: Asterisked works are now considered "secondary continuity" — that is, that their events exist in the continuity of Robotech, but "don't count" when conflicts arise with the "main continuity" that are the three-part Robotech TV series (four, with the addition of 2006's Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles).

In 2002, with the publication of the Wildstorm (DC) comics, Harmony Gold officially decided to retcon the Robotech Universe. The following Robotech material is now relegated to the status of secondary continuity:

  • The Sentinels in all its incarnations.
  • Robotech: The Movie (which, in the strictest sense, never was canon)
  • Robotech comics published by Comico, Eternity, Academy, and Antarctic Press.
  • Robotech RPGs published by Palladium Books.
  • Robotech novels written by Jack McKinney, most notably The End of the Circle.

While these materials are not precisely "retired" or "removed" from the continuity, their events are subject to critical review, and are strictly subordinate to the "official" events of the 85-episode animated series. Although certain events in the new feature film (i.e., the final showdown at Reflex Point) proceed in a slightly different fashion from the original Robotech series, such disparities were intentionally introduced by the Harmony Gold producers, but are still considered canonical.

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