River Poulter

The River Poulter is a tributary river of the River Idle in Nottinghamshire, England, which rises near Scarcliffe in Derbyshire. It has supplied power for a number of mills along its route, most of which are now gone, although the mill ponds remain, and Cuckney mill building is still used as a primary school. The river has been dammed in order to create several lakes for the Dukeries estates of Welbeck Abbey and Clumber House now the National Trust property of Clumber Park. The ornamental Gouldsmeadow Lake, Shrubbery Lake and Great Lake on the Welbeck estate are supplied by a tributary of the Poulter, while Carburton Forge Dam and Carburton Dam were built to power a forge and a mill. Clumber Lake, consisting of an upper and lower lake, which is spanned by a Grade II listed ornamental bridge, is part of the Clumber estate, and has suffered from subsidence.

After the parklands, the river flows eastwards past the village of Elkesley, to join the River Idle just outside the village and close to the A1 road. The water quality of the river is good, with most indexes showing that the river is not far from being unpolluted. This enables it to support populations of fish, while the lakes provide significant habitat for large numbers of birds.

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