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12th Century - Political Events By Year
... Sigurd I of Norway becomes the first king in Europe to embark on a crusade to the Holy Land ... claims to its former territories north of the Huai River ... II in 1139 at Mignano was affirmed and another 400 schifati was added for the new lands ...
Grand Teton National Park - Human History - Establishment of The Park
... Bureau of Reclamation had constructed a log crib dam at the Snake River outlet of Jackson Lake ... and in consequence, Rockefeller started buying Jackson Hole properties through the Snake River Land Company for the purpose of later turning them over to the National Park Service ... the expansion of Grand Teton National Park ended up putting the Snake River Land Company's holdings in limbo ...
Indian Territory - Relocation and Treaties - Plains Indian Tribes
... a vast expanse of territory from the Arkansas River to the Brazos River ... In 1858 the Ponca signed a treaty, ceding part of their land to the United States in return for annuities, payment of $1.25 per acre from settlers, protection from hostile tribes and a permanent reservation home on. 1868 US-Sioux Treaty of Fort Laramie the US mistakenly included all Ponca lands in present-day Nebraska in the Great Sioux Reservation of present-day South Dakota ...
Schleswig-Holstein - History
... The term "Holstein" derives from Old Saxon, Holseta Land, meaning "the land of those who dwell in the wood" (Holz and Holt mean wood in modern Standardised German and in literary ... Originally, it referred to the central of the three Saxon tribes north of the Elbe river, Tedmarsgoi, Holcetae, and Sturmarii ... The area of the Holcetae was between the Stör river and Hamburg, and after Christianization their main church was in Schenefeld ...
Snake River Land Company Residence And Office
... The Snake River Land Company Residence and Office are structures associated with John D ... Rockefeller, Jr.'s acquisition of land in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ... Under the guise of the Snake River Land Company, Rockefeller bought much of the land that he eventually donated to the National Park Service, first as Jackson Hole National ...

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    A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself—for it is from the soil, both from its depth and from its surface, that a river has its beginning.
    Laura Gilpin (1891–1979)

    Every New Englander might easily raise all his own breadstuffs in this land of rye and Indian corn, and not depend on distant and fluctuating markets for them. Yet so far are we from simplicity and independence that, in Concord, fresh and sweet meal is rarely sold in the shops, and hominy and corn in a still coarser form are hardly used by any.
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