Ripple Carry Adder

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List Of 7400 Series Integrated Circuits
... positive edge trigger non-inverting output 7480 gated full adder 741G80 single D-type flip-flop positive edge trigger inverting output 7481 16-bit random access memory 7482 2-bit binary full adder 7483 4-bi ...
Carry-save Adder - Technical Details
... The carry-save unit consists of n full adders, each of which computes a single sum and carry bit based solely on the corresponding bits of the three input numbers ... n - bit numbers a, b, and c, it produces a partial sum ps and a shift-carry sc The entire sum can then be computed by Shifting the carry sequence sc left by one ... Using a ripple carry adder to add these two together and produce the resulting n + 1-bit value ...

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