Ring of Symmetric Functions

In algebra and in particular in algebraic combinatorics, the ring of symmetric functions, is a specific limit of the rings of symmetric polynomials in n indeterminates, as n goes to infinity. This ring serves as universal structure in which relations between symmetric polynomials can be expressed in a way independent of the number n of indeterminates (but its elements are neither polynomials nor functions). Among other things, this ring plays an important role in the representation theory of the symmetric groups.

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Ring Of Symmetric Functions - Properties of The Ring of Symmetric Functions - Generating Functions
... of R] allows expression the generating functions of several sequences of symmetric functions to be elegantly expressed ... operations taking place in R] but outside its subring ΛR], so they are meaningful only if symmetric functions are viewed as formal power series in indeterminates Xi ... We shall write "(X)" after the symmetric functions to stress this interpretation ...

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