Riley (automobile)

Riley (automobile)

Riley was a British motorcar and bicycle manufacturer from 1890. Riley became part of the Nuffield Organisation in 1938 and was later merged into British Leyland: ln July 1969 British Leyland announced the immediate end of Riley production, although 1969 was a difficult year for the UK auto industry and cars from Riley's inventory may have been first registered in 1970.

Today, the Riley trademark is owned by BMW.

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... Roadster 1948–1951 RMC 1949–1951 RMD Mid-sized 1945–1952 RMA 1952–1955 RME 1957–1965 One-Point-Five (Wolseley 1500) 1959–1961 4/Sixty-Eight (Wolseley 15/60) 1961–1969 4/Seventy-Two (Wolseley 16/60) Large 1946–1952 RMB 1952–1953 RMF 1953–1957 Pathfinder (Wolseley 6/90) 1958–1959 Two-Point-Six (Wolseley 6/90) Mini 1961–1969 Elf (Mini) Compact 1965–1969 Riley Kestrel/1300 (Morris 1100). ...

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