The name Rijnland (alternative historical spellings: Rhijnland, Rhynland, Rynland; Latin Rhenolandia) means "Rhineland" in Dutch. When referring to the Rhine in Germany, "Rijnland" has the same meaning as "Rhineland" in English or "Rheinland" in German. However, "Rijnland" has a specific, different meaning in a Dutch context - the area along the Oude Rijn.

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Rijnland - Usage
... The name "Rijnland" is the name of several administrative areas, both current and historical, and it can also be used in a more vaguely defined sense the area along the Oude ... of the medieval County of Holland The word "Rijnland" is also used in several historical Dutch units of measurement units of length called the "Rijnlandse roede" (Rijnland rod) and "Rijnlandse voet" (Rijnland ...
Dutch Units Of Measurement - Historical Units of Measure - Area
... one Rijnland morgen (Rijnlandse morgen) = 8,516 square metres (Divided into 6 honts ... A hont was divided into 100 square Rijnland rods ... So there were 600 Rijnland rods in a morgen ...
Dutch Units Of Measurement - Historical Units of Measure - Length
... miles in use were the French lieu marine (5,555 m), 20,000 Amsterdam feet (5,660 m) or 20,000 Rijnland feet (6,280 m) ... for the measurement of long distances was generally the Rijnland rod ... Other rods included one Rijnland rod (Rijnlandse roede) (= 12 Rijnland feet) was 3.767 m one Amsterdam rod (Amsterdamse roede) (= 13 Amsterdam feet) was 3.68 m one Bloois rod (Blooise roede) (= 12 feet ...