Richard D. Ryder - Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • (1970). Speciesism, privately printed leaflet, Oxford.
  • (1971). "Experiments on Animals," in Stanley and Roslind Godlovitch and John Harris. Animals, Men and Morals. Grove Press, Inc.
  • (1974). Speciesism: The Ethics of Vivisection. Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection.
  • (1975). Victims of Science: The Use of Animals in Research. Davis-Poynter Ltd.
  • with W. Lane-Petter et al (September 1976). "The Ethics of Animal Experimentation", Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 118-126.
  • with David Paterson (eds.) (1979). Animals' Rights – A Symposium. Centaur Press Ltd.
  • (1989). Animal Revolution: Changing Attitudes Towards Speciesism. McFarland & Co Inc.
  • (ed.) (1992). Animal Welfare and the Environment. Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd, in association with the RSPCA
  • (1991). "Animal Experimentation: Sentientism," The Psychologist, vol 4, 1991.
  • (1992). "Painism: Ethics, Animal Rights and Environmentalism," UWCC Centre for Applied Ethics.
  • (ed.) (1992). The Duty of Mercy by Humphrey Primatt (first published 1776). Open Gate Press.
  • (1998). The Political Animal: The Conquest of Speciesism. McFarland & Co Inc.
  • (2001). Painism. A Modern Morality. Open Gate Press.
  • (2005). The Calcrafts of Rempstone Hall: The Intriguing History of a Dorset Dynasty. Halsgrove.
  • (2006). Putting Morality Back into Politics. Imprint Academic.
  • (2009). Nelson, Hitler and Diana: Studies in Trauma and Celebrity. Imprint Academic.
  • (2009). "Painism versus Utilitarianism", Think, vol 8, pp 85-89.
  • (2011). Speciesism, Painism and Happiness. Imprint Academic.

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