Richard, Count Palatine of Simmern-Sponheim - Marriage


Richard married Juliane of Wied (c. 1545 - 30 April 1575, daughter of Count John IV of Wied, on 30 July 1569 and had several children:

  1. Juliana (21 November 1571 - 4 February 1592)
  2. Katherine (10 May 1573 - 12 October 1576)
  3. unnamed son (1574)
  4. unnamed son (30 April 1575)

Richard married Emilie of Württemberg (19 August 1550 - 4 June 1589), daughter of Duke Christopher, on 26 March 1578.

Richard married Anne Margaret of Palatinate-Veldenz (17 January 1571 - 1 November 1621), daughter of Count Palatine George John I, on 14 December 1589.

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

George Count Palatine of Simmern-Sponheim
1569 - 1598
Frederick IV

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