Rhinoceros Auklet - Evolution and Prehistoric Species

Evolution and Prehistoric Species

The genus Cerorhinca evolved in the North Pacific, apparently in the mid-late Miocene. Although today only one species remains, it used to be much more diverse, both in number of species and in distribution. Fossils have been found as far south as Baja California. The first record of the clade from the Atlantic Ocean was reported by Smith et al. (2007) and suggests that the biogeographic history of Cerorhinca is more complex than previously thought. Known prehistoric species are:

  • Dubious Auklet, Cerorhinca dubia (Late Miocene of San Barbara County, USA)
  • Cerorhinca minor (Late Miocene/Early Pliocene of Cedros Island, Mexico)
  • Cerorhinca reai (San Diego Late Pliocene, SW USA)
  • Cerorhinca sp. (Early Pliocene, SE USA)

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