Revolt of The Lash

The Revolt of the Lash (Portuguese: Revolta da Chibata), was a 1910 naval incident that occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite the two-year organization and strategies of the movement against the common use of a lash in disciplining crewmen, the mostly black crews of four Brazilian warships, led by João Cândido Felisberto, mutinied on 22 November, shortly after a sailor publicly received 250 lashes. The crews deposed their white officers and threatened to bombard Rio de Janeiro. The mutiny was resolved within a week, with an amnesty that the Brazilian Government then did not honour. Consequently, a climate of unrest lasted for months. The navy discharged 2000 sailors but this was the last occasion on which the Brazilian navy used the lash.

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... Soon after São Paulo's arrival, a major rebellion known as the Revolt of the Lash, or Revolta da Chibata, broke out on four of the newest ships in the Brazilian ... They had been planning a revolt for some time, and Menezes became the catalyst ... and the use of whips or lashes (chibata), which eventually became a symbol of the revolt ...
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... Thirty-nine years after his death from cancer in Hospital Getúlio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, João Cândido and others were given the amnesty that had been promised and then denied On 24 July 2008 the Congress reaffirmed the 25 November 1910 legislative act granting amnesty ... The revolt was cited later by labor organizers as an "heroic example of worker struggle" ...
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... They had been planning a revolt for some time, and Menezes became the catalyst ... which eventually became a symbol of the revolt ... Humiliated by the revolt, naval officers and the president of Brazil were staunchly opposed to amnesty, so they quickly began planning to assault the rebel ships ...

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