Reversible Markov

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Reversible Markov Chain
... A Markov chain is said to be reversible if there is a probability distribution over states, π, such that for all times n and all states i and j ... With a time-homogeneous Markov chain, Pr(Xn+1 = j
Conductance (graph) - Markov Chains
... For an ergodic reversible Markov chain with an underlying graph G, the conductance is a way to measure how hard it is to leave a small set of nodes ... showed that conductance is closely tied to mixing time in ergodic reversible Markov chains ... Conductance is related to Markov chain mixing time in the reversible setting ...
Detailed Balance - Reversible Markov Chains
... Reversibility in Markov chains arises from Kolmogorov's criterion which demands that the product of transition rates over any closed loop of states must be the same for ... A Markov process satisfies detailed balance equations if and only if it is a reversible Markov process or reversible Markov chain ... A Markov process is said to have detailed balance if the transition probability, P, between each pair of states i and j in the state space obey where P is the Markov transition matrix (transition ...