Retinal Implants

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Predictions Made By Ray Kurzweil - Future Predictions - The Age of Spiritual Machines (1999) - 2019
... through glasses and contact lenses that beam images directly to their retinas (retinal display) ... Retinal and neural implants also exist, but are in limited use because they are less useful ... Cochlear and other implants are also widely used ...
Retinal Implant - Current Status and Future Developments
... The clinical reports indicate that, even with low resolution, retinal implants are potentially useful in providing crude vision to individuals who otherwise would not have ... It remains unclear whether the low level vision provided by current retinal implants is sufficient to balance the risks associated with the surgical ... Several other aspects of retinal implants need to be addressed in future research, including the long term stability of the implants and the possibility of retinal neuron plasticity in response ...
Retinal Implant - Spatial Resolution
... The quality of vision expected from a retinal implant is largely based on the maximum spatial resolution of the implant ... Current prototypes of retinal implants are capable of providing low resolution, pixelated images ... The “state of the art” retinal implants incorporate 60-100 channels, which is sufficient for basic object discrimination and recognition tasks ...

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