Resonant Frequencies

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Closed Tube - Resonance of A Tube of Air - Cones
... that is, one in the shape of a frustum of a cone with both ends open, will have resonant frequencies approximately equal to those of an open cylindrical pipe of ... The resonant frequencies of a stopped conical tube — a complete cone or frustum with one end closed — satisfy a more complicated condition where the ... small, that is, when the cone is nearly complete, this becomes leading to resonant frequencies approximately equal to those of an open cylinder whose length equals L + x ...
Soundbox - Explanation
... A physical system can have as many resonant frequencies as it has degrees of freedom each degree of freedom can vibrate as a harmonic oscillator ... a spring, pendulums, balance wheels, and LC tuned circuits have one resonant frequency ... Systems with two degrees of freedom, such as coupled pendulums and resonant transformers can have two resonant frequencies ...

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    Charity is a cop-out so traditionally female in its apparent self-effacement that there seems resonant comfort in it. We’re no longer supposed to serve the imaginations of men who have dominated us. We are to give up ourselves instead to those whose suffering is greater than our own. Looking down is just as distorting as looking up and as dangerous in perpetuating hierarchies.
    Jane Rule (b. 1931)