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INFN Grid - History
... Infrastructure, based on GARR, the Italian research network ... primarily focused on physics, it has been, since the beginning, open to other fields of research (bio-medicine, earth observation, etc.) and to industry ... MIUR-FIRB funds (governmental funds for investment in fundamental research), for the project, INFN with other National Research Institutions paved the way ...
Laboratoire De Mécanique De Lille - Research Area
... researchers, LML focuses on the following research area Mechanical reliability and Tribology applications on brakes Fluid mechanics Turbulence Turbo machines Civil engineering Soil mechanics ...
Laboratoire D'Automatique, Génie Informatique Et Signal - Research Area
... Today, LAGIS academic and applied research roadmap include the following area Bond graph Decision engineering Continuous and discret event Dynamical ...

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    Prosperous farmers mean more employment, more prosperity for the workers and the business men of ... every industrial area in the whole country.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)

    The research on gender and morality shows that women and men looked at the world through very different moral frameworks. Men tend to think in terms of “justice” or absolute “right and wrong,” while women define morality through the filter of how relationships will be affected. Given these basic differences, why would men and women suddenly agree about disciplining children?
    Ron Taffel (20th century)