Representative Government

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History Of Australia (1788-1850) - Growth of Free Settlement
... of elders and a corporate decision making process, but the first European-style governments established after 1788 were autocratic and run by ... Agitation for representative government began soon after the settlement of the colonies ... and to become a leader of the movement to abolish convict transportation and establish representative government ...
Members Of The Western Australian Legislative Council, 1832-1870 - Unofficial Nominee Members, 1868–1870
... During the 1860s there was much public debate about the possibility of instituting representative government ... The first five of these district elected representatives who were then nominated to the Legislative Council as promised ... The Champion Bay district, which had led the push for representative government, refused to participate in what it saw as a sham election, so the Governor nominated to the final seat his ally John ...
Liberalism In Canada - Liberalism in Canadian History
... there was a focus on individual liberty, representative government, and free markets ... The Constitutional Act established representative government through the elected assemblies of Upper and Lower Canada ... they were committed to North American ideals of individual liberty and representative government ...

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    The root of the problem is not so much that our people have lost confidence in government, but that government has demonstrated time and again its lack of confidence in the people.
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)