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Although most of the cars were assembled at Renault's Île Seguin plant located on an island in the river opposite Billancourt, the 4CV was also assembled in seven other countries. In December 1949 it was announced that the car had replaced the company's Juvaquatre at the company's factory in Acton, West London, where right hand drive 4 CVs were assembled using, for the most part, components imported from France. Other countries where 4 CVs were assembled included Australia, Belgium, England, Ireland, Japan (where the Hino-assembled cars gained a reputation for superior quality), Spain and South Africa.

Across the world 1,105,543 cars were produced; the 4CV became the first French car to sell over a million units.

  • In Spain, the 4CV was produced by FASA's Valladolid factory from 1951-1961.
  • The 4CV was also manufactured in Japan under licence by Hino Motors, Ltd. from 1953-1961, rebadged as the Hino Renault 4CV, then later replaced by the Hino Contessa while still using the Renault powertrain.
  • The 4CV was marketed in Australia from 1949-1961, initially as the Renault 760 and later as the Renault 750. It was imported in both fully assembled and CKD form, with assembly of the latter undertaken in Sydney.

The 4CV was easily modified, and was used extensively as a racing car. The first collaboration between the Alpine company and Renault was the Alpine A106 which was based on the 4CV. The partnership would go on to win the World Rally Championship with the legendary Alpine A-110 in later years,

  • Renault 4CV 1948

  • Renault 4CV R 1062 Sport 1952

  • Renault 4CV R 1062 1960

  • Rear of a Renault 4CV

  • Hino Renault 4CV Japanese version

  • Renault 4CV convertible

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