Religious Movement

  • (noun): A movement intended to bring about religious reforms.

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Spiritualism (disambiguation)
... also refer to Religion Spiritualism, a religious movement that began in the United States and which has flourished internationally from the 1840s to the present Spiritual church movement, a religious ...
Prophethood - Other Religions - Other
... minister, usually credited with founding the post-World War II faith healing movement Lou de Palingboer, founder and figurehead of a new religious movement in the Netherlands ... founder of the Moorish Divine and National Movement, May 1, 1916, Newark N.J ... Sabbatai Zevi Rashad Khalifa, founder of the religious group United Submitters International (USI) ...
Divine Light Mission - Reception
... It was called a new religious movement, a cult, a charismatic religious sect, an offshoot of Sant Mat, an alternative religion or spin-off from other traditional religions, a youth religion, a Radhasoami ... as part of a crackdown on small religious groups by the military junta, 87 members of the DLM were arrested in Mar del Plata on charges of using drugs and ... Light Mission as belonging in a "medium tension category", among movements that were seen by the public as peculiar rather than threatening, and to which society ...

Famous quotes containing the words movement and/or religious:

    Reporters for tabloid newspapers beat a path to the park entrance each summer when the national convention of nudists is held, but the cult’s requirement that visitors disrobe is an obstacle to complete coverage of nudist news. Local residents interested in the nudist movement but as yet unwilling to affiliate make observations from rowboats in Great Egg Harbor River.
    —For the State of New Jersey, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    The destiny of the whole race is comprised in four things: Religion, education, morals, politics. Woman is a religious being; she is becoming educated; she has a high code of morals; she will yet purify politics.
    Zerelda G. Wallace (1817–1901)