Relaxation Oscillators

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Unijunction Transistor
... This is what makes the UJT useful, especially in simple oscillator circuits ... circuits in the 1960s and 1970s because they allowed simple oscillators to be built using just one active device ... For example, they were used for relaxation oscillators in variable-rate strobe lights ...
Relaxation Oscillator - Implementation
... Many electronic relaxation oscillators store energy in a capacitor and then dissipate that energy repeatedly to set up the oscillations ... In all such capacitor-based relaxation oscillators, the period of the oscillations is set by the dissipation rate(s) of the capacitor ... Implementations of these two types of relaxation oscillators are shown here, but relaxation oscillators need not be electronic in general ...
Voltage-controlled Oscillator - Types of VCOs
... on the type of waveform produced 1) harmonic oscillators, and 2) relaxation oscillators ... Harmonic oscillators generate a sinusoidal waveform ... Some examples of harmonic oscillators are crystal oscillators and LC-tank oscillators ...

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