Regulation and Licensure in Engineering - Registration and Regulation

Registration and Regulation

Becoming an engineer is a widely varied process around the world with use of the term 'Engineer' regulated in some regions and unregulated in others. In regions where Engineering is a regulated profession, there are specific procedures and requirements for obtaining license to practice, or charters, or registration from a government or charter-granting authority acting on its behalf and as in other regulated professions, engineers are subject to regulation by these bodies.

Licensed Engineers enjoy significant influence over their regulation. They are often the authors of the pertinent codes of ethics used by some of these organizations. Engineers in private practice often, but not always, find themselves in traditional professional-client relationships in their practice. Engineers employed in government service and industry are on the other side of the same relationship. Despite the different focus, Engineers in industry as well as private practice face similar ethical issues and reach similar conclusions. One American Engineering Society, the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) has sought to extend professional licensure and a code of ethics across the field regardless of practice area or employment sector.

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