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Myanma - Demographics
... Refugee camps exist along Indian, Bangladeshi and Thai borders while several thousand are in Malaysia ... Conservative estimates state that there are over 295,800 refugees from Burma, with the majority being Karenni, and Kayin and are principally located along the Thai-Burma border ... There are nine permanent refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border, most of which were established in the mid-1980s ...
Sahrawi Refugee Camps - Family Separation and Human Rights
... Since the Polisario Front and Morocco are still at war, visits between the camps and the Moroccan-controlled parts of Western Sahara are virtually impossible, with the Moroccan Wall ... situation for the population in both Western Sahara and the refugee camps ... for five-day visits for a limited number of people, going from the camps to the Moroccan-held territories and vice versa ...
Syrian Refugees - Refugee Camps - Iraqi Kurdistan
... Domiz refugee camp Moqebleh refugee camp. ...
Nanking Massacre Denial - Testimony of Westerners - James M. McCallum
... The representatives of the refugee camps of nineteen places established in the Safety Zone were all Chinese, except Miss Minnie Vautrin ... of the maintenance of public order in these camps, there were some Chinese officers who camouflaged themselves as if they were citizens ... And many cases of rape occurred in the "refugee camps".. ...
Shrine Of Our Lady Of Madhu - Church Amidst Civil War - Refugee Camps
... The shrine has housed thousands of refugees since 1990 ... In the Autumn of 1999 more than 10,000 refugees were camped for security reasons around the Shrine area and was regarded as a "demilitarized zone" ...

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