Reformasi (Malaysia)

Reformasi (Malaysia)

The Reformasi movement in Malaysia was initiated by Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters shortly after he was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister in 1998. It consisted of several mass demonstrations and rallies against the long-standing Barisan Nasional coalition government, and continued until Anwar was arrested and jailed in late 1998, whereupon it slowly died down. The target of the reformasi campaign was then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who was perceived as corrupt and having stayed too long in office.

The legacy of the reformasi movement, however, was felt during Malaysia's 2008 general election, in which the People's Justice Party (PKR) led by Anwar Ibrahim won 31 parliamentary seats. As a result of the electoral success of the PKR, Parti Islam Se-Malaysia, and Democratic Action Party coalition, the Barisan Nasional government lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

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... Reformasiled to the formation of a new multiracial-based party named Parti Keadilan Nasional (National Justice Party) ... The new Parti Keadilan Nasional, Parti Islam Se-Malaysia and Democratic Action Party formed a Barisan Alternatif (Alternative Front), in a combined initiative to replace the standing Barisan Nasional ... For the first time in Malaysias history, UMNO, a Malay-based party and the dominant party in the BN coalition, received less than half of the total vote of ethnic Malays ...