Red Horn (Siouan Deity)

Red Horn (Siouan Deity)

Red Horn is a culture hero in Siouan oral traditions, specifically of the Ioway and Hocąk (Winnebago) nations. Only in Hocąk literature is he known as "Red Horn" (Hešucka), but among the Ioway and Hocągara both, he is known by one of his variant names, "He Who Wears (Man) Faces on His Ears". This name derives from the living faces on his earlobes (Hocąk), or earbobs that come to life when he places them on his ears (Ioway). Elsewhere, he is given yet another name, "Red Man" (Wąkšucka), on account of the fact that his entire body is red from head to toe. Red Horn was one of the five sons of Earthmaker whom the Creator fashioned with his own hands and sent to earth to rescue mankind. During his sojourn on earth, he contested both giants and water spirits, and led warparties against the bad spirits who plagued mankind. As Wears Faces on His Ears, he is also said to be a star, although its identity is a subject of controversy. Under the names "One Horn" (Hejąkiga) and "Without Horns" (Herok'aga), he and his sons are chiefs over the lilliputian hunting spirits known as the herok'a and the "little children spirits". Red Horn, as chief of the herok'a, has a spiritual and sometimes corporeal identity with the arrow. Archaeologists have speculated that Red Horn is a mythic figure in Mississippian art, represented on a number of Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (SECC) artifacts.

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... In Warren County,Missouri,there is a site appropriately styled Picture Cave" ... As its name suggests,it contains a wealth of pictographs,including one that has been identified with the Hotck spirit RedHorn Wears Faces on His Ears) ... in Picture Cave have been dated from about 915 AD to 1066 AD,although the age of the Red Horn"pictograph has so far not been determined ...

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